TMJ Disfunction

Understanding the Pain

For individuals who have pain in their jaws this could be caused by TMJ dysfunction. While a painful occurrence TMJ problems can successfully be treated by a Boxborough, Harvard, Acton, Bolton, Westford, MA chiropractor. Learn how Dr. Evan Hughes of Boxborough Vitality can treat your TMJ issues without the use of jaw surgery or pain medications.


by Evan Hughes, D.C.

What is TMJ and How Do I Know If I Have This Condition?

TMJ is the short name for the temporomandibular joint. This joint works like a sliding hinge that holds your jawbone to your skull. If it is unable to slide without pain or dysfunction this is a sign that you are suffering from TMJ syndrome. Individuals who have TMJ dysfunction commonly complain of jaw pain especially when chewing food. When left untreated TMJ can create a clicking sound when you extend your jaw. Severe TMJ problems can cause headaches, tooth ware, neck pain, and sleeping problems.

What Do I Do If I Think I Have TMJ?

If you think you have TMJ problems the first step toward treatment is to visit your chiropractor in Boxborough, MA. Here at Boxborough Vitality Dr. Hughes can provide you with a diagnosis and all-natural care for TMJ. The treatments for TMJ can include cranial work, spinal adjusting, and pelvic balancing. Dr. Hughes has found that in a high number of cases, pelvic balancing has resulted in a significant reduction in tension and pain associated with TMJ.

What is the Best Treatments for TMJ as Offered by a Chiropractor in Boxborough, MA?

By using cranial adjusting and spinal realignment Dr. Hughes is able to reposition the joint in your jaw bone so that you do not have TMJ dysfunction. If you are suffering from pain due to TMJ other methods, such as shiatsu and cranial work, can be successfully used.

Treating TMJ at Boxborough Vitality:

TMJ problems can be extremely painful and impair your ability to function. That’s why you want to find a chiropractor in Boxborough, MA who is capable of helping you relieve TMJ issues. Here at Boxborough Vitality you can get care for TMJ dysfunction that is both all-natural and effective. We believe in the holistic approach to care, which is why Dr. Hughes also uses healing methods to help your body cope with TMJ problems in the future. If you are ready to solve your TMJ problem give us a call at Boxborough Vitality to see Dr. Hughes for care.


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