Headaches & Migraines

Understanding the Pain

Whether you are dealing with a chronic headache due to sinus problems, or you have migraine headaches that occur frequently, Boxborough Vitality can help you. Dr. Evan Hughes provides headache treatments ranging from chiropractic care to traditional Chinese medicine. Find out how you can treat headaches in Boxborough, Harvard, Acton, Bolton, Westford, MA with a holistic approach.

Headaches Q & A

by Evan Hughes, D.C.

How is Chiropractic Care Associated with Headache Relief?

When you have a headache it is commonly associated with neck pain, shoulder pain, or upper back pain. That is because all of these are connected via the spinal column. This is where your chiropractor in Boxborough, MA can help.

How Can a Chiropractic Adjustment Care for Headache Pain?

By getting a regular chiropractic adjustment you help to ensure that your spine, neck, and head are moving like they should. This reduces the strain and tension placed on any one part of your upper body, which can often solve the problem of headaches. If you have migraine headaches or tension headaches, this method offers relief without the use of toxic painkillers. For individuals, such as pregnant patients, this is a welcomed remedy for headaches.

What is Cranial Adjusting as Offered by Boxborough Vitality?

Here at Boxborough Vitality Dr. Hughes uses cranial adjusting to help alleviate cranial tension that could be causing your headache. This is a method that focuses on the bones of the cranium and circulation to the brain. As a result of poor circulation to the brain, you may have recurring headaches that are not responding to other treatments. By offering cranial adjusting Dr. Hughes is able to go beyond standard techniques so that your headaches are cared for successfully.

Holistic Headache Treatments:

If you are interested in learning more about holistic headache treatments we want to help. Dr. Hughes of Boxborough Vitality would like to work with you to provide all natural pain relief and healing for the problems your headaches cause. Contact your chiropractor in Boxborough, MA today to schedule a treatment session with Dr. Hughes.


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