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Chiropractor Boxborough Vitality in Stow, Acton, Bolton, Groton, Harvard, Westford, Devens, Hudson

Corrective Healing through Chiropratic Care

Serving Boxborough, Acton, Bolton, Westford, Harvard and other surrounding communities.

Here, We Listen to You

Beginning with the first consultation, we take the time to hear from you about your needs. Our intention is to alleviate pain and suffering. We want you to be a more confident participant in life.            

Individual Care

This is not a “one size fits all” chiropractor. Start with an assessment and a digital X-ray, if necessary, here in the office to make sure you are getting help exactly where you need it. We use a combination of techniques and we’ll explain them in a way that makes sense.

Helpful Staff

At each visit, you’ll be welcomed by a friendly staff. From scheduling, to creating a warm atmosphere, to guiding you through your exercises, our staff is here to heal you today and empower you for tomorrow.

Google Reviews

Awesome staff! Initially I was a bit skeptical about how much benefit I might realize...I am a skeptic no longer. I have more energy, less pain and I am looking forward to even more progress.
Cheryl Van Walsh
Cheryl Van W.
23:24 18 Jun 20
Best chiropractor ever!!! Not only the best and friendliest staff but also such good work fixing my hip issues!!
Avery Callison
Avery C.
19:21 15 Jun 20
Boxborough Vitality is amazing! Dr. Evan is the best Chiropractor in the business and is fixing me right up!!
Kyla Callison
Kyla C.
19:17 15 Jun 20
The man is a wizard. Great sense of humor. Would likely deny being a wizard. Is the most talented and sensitive and gentle yet effective chiropractor I have ever visited. I am a hot mess of old trauma injuries, and he did not try to sell me snake oil, he was very honest about what he could fix and what he could not, but he asked me to trust him for a year, and I will, because after ONE SESSION, I am thinking more clearly than I have in ten years and likewise in the least pain in ten years thanks to him aligning my spine and restoring blood flow to both sides of my brain. A miracle worker. A wizard, I tell you.
Megan O'Neal
Megan O.
23:07 22 Apr 20
If you have ever needed a personalized healer; if you have ever said, "I wish there was someone who was smart enough to understand what is going on with me, talented enough to help me heal, and compassionate enough to want to help;" if you have ever wanted a health care professional who genuinely cares about your health as much as you do; then you should see Dr. Evan Hughes.Dr. Evan and his staff offer their patients an amazing gift: a partnership in health care built on trust. Boxborough Vitality is centered around a sincere desire for achieving a better life through stronger bodies.I am a 63 year old retired middle school teacher whose body was winding down. My immune system was shot, I had stopped walking because my hip was so bad, I couldn't turn my head to the side, my shoulders were almost brittle due to years of accumulated stress, and I've had lower back problems since I was a kid. I went in for my hip.Dr. Evan impressed me right off the bat. He took x-rays and showed me that my left hip was twisted. He also showed me where my lower spine didn't flex on the x-ray taken while I was bending to the side. In that initial exam, Dr. Evan noticed that the muscles in my neck were tightly clenched and mentioned that I probably had problems with my thyroid, and he was right. After examining my head, Dr. Evan said, "Oh, and it looks like you have sinus headaches."I didn't even tell Dr. Evan that my second toe has been numb for years, because that was simply too weird for words. I told him when the numbness went away. I didn't tell Dr. Evan that I can't smell or taste most things, because that's been part of my life forever. But wouldn't you know, I have started being able to taste flavors. (Did you know that a bowl of blueberries has some that are very sweet, some a little less sweet and some that are a little bit tart?) After a lifetime of not tasting, I am now discovering that there are actually variations and intensities to flavors, and this has been a lovely surprise!The science teacher in me is delighted to be able to watch my body become more healthy. I've been doing the recommended exercises, and both my balance and my hip are better. My energy levels are improving, and my entire body "just seems to be working better." I have gone from having a life winding down to looking forward to a life with further possibilities.I am so grateful to Dr. Evan and his wonderful staff for the work they do. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Peg Van Andel
Peg Van A.
13:09 03 Mar 20
I had neck and low back / hip issues from sports injuries and an auto crash . I have been treated for 2 months by Dr. Hughes . My neck is completely free and moving nicely with no pain . Back and hip pain has also shown BIG improvement . Thank you Dr. Hughes . Great Job!
stephen loughlin
stephen L.
16:09 26 Feb 20
Wonderful man who has a fantastic staff, kind, helpful, open and understanding. Great relaxing atmosphere. Helped me more than words can describe, 10 out of 5 stars, would recommend to anyone
Joseph Dechellis
Joseph D.
16:56 28 Jan 20
The whole staff was not only incredibly patient with us, they were also very helpful through out our entire treatment plan. They took us step by step about what they were going to do to help realign my spine and help me through my concussion. I genuinely felt better after every adjustment and a few weeks later when I fell in the shower, I had no set backs in my recovery with my concussion. Many of my initial problems have subsided and I am happy to say that despite my clumsy self, I have no more symptoms of a concussion. They were very helpful regarding the scheduling conflicts as I am in school and can only come really early or very late. In addition, they were all very friendly and made sure that we were doing well. It was certainly a personalized program to help me heal and they did not hesitate to change something if it was working for me. Absolutely recommend, best chiropractic office I have gone to.
Jacqueline Farrington
Jacqueline F.
14:26 27 Jan 20
Dr. Evan's and his staff have changed my life for the better. I am able to achieve things I didnt think were possible for me anymore and they helped every step of the way. I'd like to personally thank them for all that they do because they really care and I am grateful to feel better.
Makayla Sands
Makayla S.
20:58 09 Jan 20
I went to see Dr. Evan because of some hip and leg pain I would get for a few days every time I did yard work or any strenuous activity. He was able to alleviate the pain and discomfort through his adjustments and strengthening exercises. I also did not experience my fall allergies as I normally do every year as long as I can remember. Although my "pain" traveled to other areas of my body throughout the plan (part of the reconditioning and healing process), he listened and created personalized care each time. Not only am I better, but I have better knowledge of how to take care of myself.
Steve Blumer
Steve B.
23:41 07 Jan 20
I've been going here for almost a year (a good friend recommended it.) I've sung the praises to friends and family; my neck, back, knees, jaw...SO much happier~ I've a lot of faith in Dr. Hughes' expertise; and his "bedside" manner is excellent. Also v. fond of office staff. My first time with a chiropractor (lots of experience with PT for same issues) - it's made a big difference in my life.
23:01 06 Jan 20
I have been a patient of Dr. Evan for about 9 weeks. I originally went to him on a referral for upper back, shoulder and arm pain, which I have received tremendous relief. My biggest surprise was that I have also had fewer migraines since I started seeing him. I have tried so many remedies for my migraines, and if Dr. Evan is the answer, I have been blessed! I am impressed with the way that Dr. Evan approaches healing the whole body and not just one section that you come in complaining about. His assistant, Tina is a pleasure to work with on improving your balance and always greets you with a smile.
Kathy Daelhousen
Kathy D.
16:14 21 Dec 19
Evan knows just how to work with my VERY tense adjustments... no other chiropractor I’ve ever been to could properly adjust me and I’m so thankful to have found the relief from visiting Boxborough Vitality!
Jessica Pierce
Jessica P.
17:05 11 Dec 19
What a gifted, compassionate, and personable chiropractor! He has lovely staff and a serene office space. He was profoundly gracious with my situation and my daughter was very comfortable with him.Both my daughter and I hurt our neck in a similar simple fashion at separate times. The neck pain was so bad it was hard to pull out of. It turns out she had whiplash and had been dealing with it for sometime. Now she can follow through in her Acrobatics and dancing with ease and precision. I can now do yoga with no restrictions in my movement. I did not know I was being impacted by my spine and aspects of my body have been freed up I was unaware were blocked. Like a whole body upgrade. Before I would physically push myself to be on my game, now I am just on it, especially as a mother. It is good to keep up with her again.Dr. Evans work resolves more than one may realize possible. He brings his all to the table and genuinely cares about the long term outcome.We are beyond grateful for him and couldn't have asked for better hands to land in when my daughter simply rolled over, couldn't move, and the hunt for a chiropractor ensued.
Alethia Dechellis
Alethia D.
12:45 19 Nov 19
Love this office. The chiropractor and staff are great! Originally went for my shoulder but now my entire body feels better then it ever has. I tell everyone how great Dr Evan is!
Tryston Whitney
Tryston W.
00:48 03 Nov 19
I can not thank Evan enough. I am free of the burning neck pain and am sleeping soundly through the night!
Janet Kelly
Janet K.
14:22 22 Oct 19
Dr. Evan is extremely knowledgeable and very down to earth. If you are looking to get out of any type of pain, he can explain in simple terms what is going on and how chiropractic care can help you.
Kristen 3littlebirds
Kristen 3.
20:28 10 Oct 19
I am truly grateful to have found my way to Dr. Hughes. Within two months of working with Dr. Hughes, I went from having debilitating pain to being 95% pain-free. I'm back to doing all of the activities I stopped doing because of the level of pain I had been experiencing. My only regret is that I didn't take action earlier when I first started experiencing hip, back and neck pain. I highly recommend Dr. Hughes and appreciate all he has done to help me.
Karen Collins
Karen C.
11:28 21 Aug 19
There really aren't enough stars to describe how amazing Evan is at his job. Years ago, right before a swim meet, my 9 year old daughter couldn't move her neck. She didn't have any other symptoms and I wanted to get her help as soon as possible. My SIL recommended Evan. She went from in pain with an ashen hue to pink and happy after one visit. She was able to start swimming again and after a few more visits she was pain free! I was next. The most unique thing about Evan is that he can tell exactly what is wrong with you when he walks in the room. He relieved back pain that I though I would have forever from my sedentary job. I sleep better, handle stress more easily and take comfort that he is there. I was there today for a tune up and he knew I had digestive issues, that my shoulders and back had seized up from too much stress and exactly where my neck hurt. He helped my daughter today too, now a teenager in the throes of HS finals and so very stressed out. She's napping now as I write this.He is extremely skilled and intuitive, a true healer. If you are considering an appointment with him, make one today. Your spine will be thrilled!
robin marshall
robin M.
22:45 10 Jun 19
I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Evan Hughes and his Team after sustaining injuries from a terrible car accident. Not only did Dr. Hughes take the time, patience and compassion to help me through with the initial realization and shock of my injuries but also of serious preexisting conditions! Dr. Hughes and Tina are welcoming and feel it the moment you walk into the calming environment of the office setting!☺️If you’re looking for a Chiropractic Team that HEALS the WHOLE you this is the place to go!!!😊 ☮️
10:19 30 May 19
Dr Evan helped my neck pain so I can sleep and move better and my sprained ankle get better.
Alyssa Blumer
Alyssa B.
21:11 23 May 19
I can play soccer better and stay more focused. Thanks Dr. Evan!
Mikey Blumer
Mikey B.
20:56 23 May 19
I can't say enough good things. The staff is always friendly, and Dr Evan's knowledge base has fixed an enormous amount of side effects from chronic late stage Lyme and two car accidents. I'm functioning without pain, and even taking fighting classes! Highly recommend.
Riven Hart
Riven H.
20:51 03 May 19
Dr. Evan really cares about his patients and has been treating my 14 year old son for almost 3 months. Dr. Evan makes sure my son is accountable for his treatment and that helps my son care about it, stay on top of his appointments and has also learned how to identify different parts of his body and know how to deal with them.We’ve seen lots of improvement and look forward to continue the treatment.
Leslie LaHaye
Leslie L.
21:27 11 Apr 19
Unfortunately I born with heart disease and I always complained than I keep short breath and chest pain. Now I finally feel better with energy to do work out without shorty breathing. Dr Evan and Staff, is the right place to go specially because he listen and takes everyone personal to care.
Patty Vasquez
Patty V.
15:03 07 Mar 19
I’m a costumer who was envolved in the car accident.My first time when I got there (without an appointment) Tina, she received us with a smile, and she explained us than we need to filled some documents to see the reason why we got there. After Dr Evan He took the time to read my file and he started make me the just simple right question, the best part from all of that he make feel than I get in the right place to get my sooner recovery. After He made some physical exam (together with Tina) and X-rays he explained me the reasons why all my body was in hurting. He call me the same day in the afternoon to see all my results of my x-rays, and he explained me step by step how the movement of my bones and what they cause to me. If you want to get right results to put you body together this is right place to go. He and he staff always make me feel welcome! And the best part my recovery was excellent and I finally I feel the same energy than when I was the girl in the school who likes to play soccer, Basketball, softball and volleyball.Thank you Dr Evan and Staff
Amada M Hernandez
Amada M H.
16:46 06 Mar 19
The best around
Aaron LaBranche
Aaron L.
22:49 05 Mar 19
The work done here significantly increases my quality of life. It's like a mechanic shop for the human body, with stellar support, and a knowledgeable staff.
Keith Howard
Keith H.
12:34 28 Feb 19
i have been really pleased with the care I am getting from Dr. Hughes. It is very personal, caring, and adapted for my body and needs. It has already made a huge difference in my physical sense of myself. i am running again - not a lot - but I had stopped doing it because it hurt my back and neck. Now it doesn't. I also have no pain in my left hip which has bothered me for years. In addition, the staff there are all very caring and professional. You are not just a number to them. They do care about you. Dr. Hughes really knows what he is doing. I have been to several other chiropractors over the years, but have never had anyone do the amazing adjustments and body work that he does. He also has a great sense of humor and enjoys making you work hard on your balance and other exercises when you have progressed to that stage in your care plan. I highly recommend him, no question.
julia huestis
julia H.
02:51 12 Dec 18
I am a mom of three boys. For the past 10 years, while having these children I have seen many chiropractors to help "fix" my back and body. Having kids really did a number on my back. And gaining weight and losing the weight after every child became harder. Not to mention the stress of children didn't help either! As most of us can relate to. I have felt hopeless with my body and the thought of ever feeling like my energetic self again. Dr. Evan is NOT your normal chiropractor. He doesn't just see you once off and put you back in place. Like all good things it takes time. And in this case healing. He understands the body so well! I am back to running a few 5Ks a week and almost back to dancing around with my kids again! It has been a journey! But I am so thankful I started this journey with him and I am beyond words thankful for the healing outcome that is coming from my seeing him! Thank you Dr. Evan! Thanks for caring! This is not just for me but for my family too! I am excited to be the mom I dream of being to my 3 boys!! Tiffany Henkel
Tiffany Henkel
Tiffany H.
13:31 05 Dec 18
I spent years with neck and back issues and saw many chiropractors who seemed to not be able to help until I saw Dr. Hughes. Dr. Hughes laid out a clear and concise plan and was great at explaining the process he was working with, Ive been seeing him for over 6 months now, and can truly say he is a miracle worker, not to mention his staff is super great and very friendly! I would 100% recommend to anybody.
Krystyna Ciaglo
Krystyna C.
23:31 29 Nov 18
I have been a patient of Dr. Evan Hughes off and on for years. I’ve seen him in Chelmsford, Concord, and now Boxborough. What has always brought me back to him, through moves, college, and living in California, is that he is the best chiropractor, the best healer, I have ever seen. I now live in Quincy, and drive an hour and a half each way to see him. He’s that good.Dr. Evan is kind, approachable, knowledgeable, and ever cheerful. His mix of traditional chiropractic, shiatsu, reiki, and neuromuscular retraining lead your body on a journey of regrowth and healing.For me personally, I started out with having migraines, triggered by long use of screens, persistent sciatica, and chronic neck pain. The x-rays, which Dr. Evan was able to take in the office, showed my neck was a level 2 degeneration, heading to level 3. Through the three month, three times a week program, I am now headache free, able to work on my computer all day, and my sciatica and neck pain is gone. Gone. My new x-rays show that my spine is regrowing my curve, and while there is still work to be done, I am impressed with his skill and professionalism that has healed my body.
Dove Conover
Dove C.
22:18 21 Nov 18
Kristin M
Kristin M
04:41 05 Nov 18
I have been going to Dr Evan for over 2 months and all I can say is he is a miracle worker!! Being with back pain 24/7 for over 20 years, you just figure this is how your life is going to go. My daughter suggested him to my husband and I said let's go together! Now, I am almost with no back pain and my strength and balance is better. I have a better outlook on life now that I can stand and sit and also play with my grand-kids! I wish I found Dr Evan years ago.
Leslie Kenney
Leslie K.
20:53 11 Oct 18
I have seen other chiropractors before but Evan knows more than any of them. He understands the why of what is going on and does a great job treating it and explaining it.
Matthew Waugh
Matthew W.
18:59 06 Sep 18
Great place. I went in for back pain at work and driving and after the initial program I'm pain free. Dr. Hughes is knowledgeable and able to share so that you can understand and enthusiastic about your healing and your journey.
Evan Ringo
Evan R.
14:32 06 Sep 18
When I began seeing Dr. Hughes in June, I was having trouble with both of my knees. My right knee had given out on me completely in May and I was out of work for a week. The orthopedic surgeon I saw told me it was arthritis and there was not much I could do. I asked about PT and he thought it might help. I felt frustrated and unsatisfied with his diagnosis. A neighbor recommended Boxborough Vitality. Dr. Hughes told me a different story. Within a couple of weeks I was walking without pain. Last week I hiked for six hours. I noticed recently that I am sleeping much better and have better energy overall. I am so grateful!
Kristin Forrester
Kristin F.
22:48 05 Sep 18
I started going to Dr Evan 3-4 months ago, after dealing with back and neck pain for 10+ years. I had seen Neurosurgeons at Mass General in Boston, spine specialists in Westboro, and numerous other Chiropractors. NOTHING worked. So needless to say I was a little skeptical to try another chiropractor.However, Dr Evan isn't just another Chiropractor. I would say by all accounts is a miracle worker. My back was so crooked 50% of the time, I could barely even function in day to day life. And as a truck driver sitting down 12+ hours per day, I needed a healthy back. I could barely sleep most nights, my back would be hunched over so I could barely stand up straight, very bad neck pain, and the list goes on and on. I could no longer do my own yard work, and do a lot of things I use to enjoy. Well, that's all old news. I am at the end of my 3x a week visits for 12 straight weeks, and my back is almost back to brand new I would say. I am now doing my own yard work again, splitting firewood, digging trenches, driving much better at work, sleeping better at night, doing more things with my wife and kids, and as a bonus, my allergies which were really bad before, have almost entirely disappeared. From Dr Evan, all the way down his entire staff, I cannot say enough nice things about them. From small chats in the office waiting to be seen, to telling jokes with Dr Evan, they could not be anymore pleasant. And with my CRAZY schedule, they have always fit me in, no matter what!Skeptical? Give him a try. Let him fix your life, and make your body healthy again. I didn't think anything could save my life besides surgery. Well, thanks to Dr Evan, that drastic measure can be taken off the table!
Neil Whitney
Neil W.
00:07 26 Jul 18
The administrative staff is friendly and helpful and the clinical staff is well-trained, flexible, and goal oriented. Dr. Evan will help you get the flexibility, comfort, and ease in your own body that you need.
Greg Pettigrew
Greg P.
16:34 02 Jul 18
I've been going to Dr Evan since April of this year. I had had a pinched nerve in my neck/back that was causing shooting pain in my shoulder and down my left hand. I had tried rest, a different chiropractor and massage - over 2-3 months. Nothing was working.Dr Evan put me on a plan where I was getting frequent treatment, and relieve came quickly (2 weeks). So quickly that I was able to re-commit to a 43mi Ultramarathon that I had been training for - which I was able to complete.At this point (2/3 of the way through the plan), the pain is gone, and I see a noticeable increase in movement. Still working on some flexibility, but so far so good.Dr Evan's office and staff has been super-flexible to accommodate my crazy travel schedule - which is critical for me. They are wicked friendly and always greet me by name.Highly recommended!
Michael Lepore
Michael L.
15:20 15 Jun 18
I've been seeing Evan for adjustments about a month now, my only complaint is I did not find him sooner. Evan has helped me greatly with lower back and leg pain.
Jon Anderson
Jon A.
19:17 07 Jun 18
Evan Blumer
Evan B.
19:48 19 May 18
Excellent care, with attention to the whole body.
Beezy Bentzen
Beezy B.
14:15 18 May 18
My whole family has benefited from the personalized attention given to each patient at Boxborough Vitality. Dr Evan Hughes has a wealth of knowledge that he uses to create a unique care plan for each individual. We are all better off for having having the pleasure of calling him our chiropractor.
Elizabeth Hess
Elizabeth H.
20:57 03 May 18
Dr Evan has been taking care of my family for over a decade now. Excellent skills, a fantastic attitude towards life and health. He has made a huge difference in our lives. Highly recommended.
Alex N
Alex N
20:57 25 Apr 18
I cannot say enough good things about my chiropractic experience thus far with Dr Hughes. I initially went for him to evaluate my hip and back pain that have occurred from years of work related injury. At 27 yrs old, I was in pain when I worked and forget about exercise, I could barely walk nevermind run, bike or snowboard which are all crucial to my mental and physical well being. After only 2 months of adjustments, I have my life back. Working and exercising pain free and at 100%. He looks at the whole picture and really listens. He's determined to get you back on the right path, including strength training after adjustments and even food recommendations. Can't thank Dr Hughes enough.
Lauren Stimson
Lauren S.
22:39 30 Mar 18
Dr Evan Hughes at Boxborough Vitality is wonderful! I made an appointment online, was in the office an hour later, he and his staff kept my three-year old busy while evaluating me and taking X-rays right in the office. He listened to my concerns, asked lots of questions to get to the root of my pain, and made me feel comfortable and welcome in his office. I'm looking forward to working with him to get my body back on track.
Theresa Barcelona
Theresa B.
15:25 14 Mar 18
I’ve had back pain for 20 years. Recently it was so bad that I tried a handful of chiropractors, physical therapy, went to a neurosurgeon, had an MRI, and had a shot in my back. But no one could tell me why I was in so much pain. I felt like no one really listened or believed me. I’d “throw my back out” every 6 months and that would keep me immobile for a week. I had to stop what I loved doing - gardening, volleyball or picking up my kids. I was that person who was now the spectator and felt like I would live the rest of my life like that, at the age of 38! In the end, I had to quit my job because my back just couldn’t keep up. I had just about given up. Then I found Dr. Evan. It was the first time I felt honestly listened to and the first time I felt someone wanted to help me get back to doing what I loved to do. He made an individualized care plan for my specific needs. I have been in his care for almost 6 months and can say I go back to playing volleyball this week-something I never thought I’d ever be able to do again. If you are looking for someone to really listen to you, or someone to help you get back to doing what you love or just have someone help you before you get as bad as I was, you should call Dr Evan now. Don’t wait until you are a spectator!!
Tina Blumer
Tina B.
23:17 13 Mar 18
Christopher Komuves
Christopher K.
16:56 23 Feb 18
jhoy dizon
jhoy D.
22:42 13 Feb 18
Dr. Evan is absolutely wonderful. I’ve been seeing him for 7 years and he has helped me immensely with gaining balance, stability, strength, and function. He is patient, kind, and has a wonderful intuition he uses to guide his treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Evan to people.
Alison C
Alison C
21:55 12 Feb 18
I, along with my infant son, have been seeing Evan a few times a week for a couple months. I initially brought my newborn in for colic and acid reflux, and then started seeing him myself for life long upper back/neck/migraine issues. We have seen great improvement and better nights with our son. Evan is really wonderful with my baby boy, has a lot of patience, and a good sense of humor. I have seen a lot of advances in my flexibility and health as well. Evan approaches health from a whole body perspective and is always willing to take extra time to talk through concerns or help me better understand something. I never feel rushed and I feel understood. It's my impression that he truly loves what he does and genuinely cares for his patients.
Pippi Lane
Pippi L.
18:23 07 Feb 18
Evan and his team are quite a refreshing experience when you are in pain and desperate to get help. The formula is simple; one-stop shopping, uncomplicated approach, plain language and true caring interaction.
Carlos Ciruelos
Carlos C.
15:24 02 Jan 18
Dr. Evan is a great listener and adapts to each patient. He's so different from prior chiropractors that we (my wife and I are both patients) have gone to. He'll see you 3 to 4 times a week to initially get your body healing and on the correct path. Previous chiro's would see us once week, maybe twice and we'd never get true improvement. If you are in pain or can't move properly, go see Dr. Evan!
David Dietel
David D.
20:47 21 Dec 17
Ming Chiang
Ming C.
15:34 11 Dec 17
Evan and his staff are very informative and pleasant. He truly knows his craft.
David Milgate
David M.
10:49 23 Nov 17
Ruth Bernard
Ruth B.
14:30 27 Jul 17
Everyone in the office is friendly and listens to your problems. I receive better care here than with most traditional doctors. The PT work they do to help get the adjustments to "take" works really well.
Beth Burdick
Beth B.
14:02 17 Jun 17
Rowan Hershberger
Rowan H.
17:09 16 Jun 17
Kristina Perry
Kristina P.
15:07 16 Jun 17
Dr. Evan is great! He knows about bone and muscle working together in ways that only a lifelong practitioner of martial arts can do. If chiropractic treatment can help with whatever physical challenge you're experiencing, I'm confident that Dr. Evan can get you going.
Karl Rookey
Karl R.
21:10 14 Jun 17
Dr. Evan and his assistant are very professional and friendly. Dr. Evan describes his approach to treatment in terms the client understands. I feel better each time I leave his office, confident I am moving forward on my road to healing.
Karen Gault
Karen G.
00:36 13 Jun 17
Dr. Evan is amazing. I went to him in severe back pain that meds just weren't touching and physical therapy wasn't helping. One adjustment and I was pain free for about an hour. The second adjustment, the pain didn't come back for another 6 hours. Then I lost track. This was years ago.I kept going, because I'd bought a plan. In that time, Dr. Evan has corrected my carpal tunnel issues and helped to strengthen my ankles.I've found that I'm sick less, and when I do get sick, I recover faster. I start to feel a sinus headache coming on, I go to him at 8 am, and its gone by noon.Dr. Evan is extremely gentle. My daughter's first adjustment was when she was just 4 days old. I highly recommend his services for the whole family!
Kimber Bowen
Kimber B.
12:33 12 Jun 17
Audrey H
Audrey H
03:02 12 Jun 17
Johanna Lisle Newbold
Johanna Lisle N.
04:32 11 Jun 17
J Sell
J S.
03:20 11 Jun 17
Brian Bishop
Brian B.
17:31 10 Jun 17
Audrey White
Audrey W.
23:23 09 Jun 17
My doctor advised cortisone shots for my chronic hip bursitis. EEEEK! No! Dr. Evan CURED it, and it hasn't come back, without needing weekly intervention, for 4 years now. Miracle worker. What I especially like is that, unlike other chiropractors I've seen in the past, Dr. Evan responds to my body's needs differently each time, rather than just doing the same old same old until it stops working. Thank you Dr. Hughes! <3
Briony Keith
Briony K.
21:01 09 Jun 17
Lindsay Gobin
Lindsay G.
18:33 09 Jun 17
Does a great job making sure I can continue doing martial arts safely at an affordable price.
Forest Handford
Forest H.
17:54 09 Jun 17
I have rheumatoid arthritis. I went from being in constant pain to regaining full mobility and I'm doing better now that i was before the RA knocked most of my body's systems offline.
Anakin Michele
Anakin M.
17:44 09 Jun 17
David Kulik
David K.
17:09 09 Jun 17
Brett Bowen
Brett B.
17:07 09 Jun 17
A month ago I suffered from my first migraine, I was unable to read, relax my shoulders, drive or look at even the faintest light. Luckily a friend drove me to the chiropractor. Once I had been adjusted by Dr, Evan Hughes all my symptoms faded away and I was able to go to work. Chiropractic care saved my day, I started getting regularly adjusted at Boxborough Vitality and I have had no hint of a migraine since.
Supriya padki
Supriya P.
20:13 29 Mar 17
Dr. Evan has a true focus on wellness, and an abundance of knowledge for helping his patients get the most out of their health. His adjustments are very effective, and he is one of the best Chiropractors I have ever been to. I would highly recommend his care to anyone.
Jennifer St. Martin
Jennifer St. M.
16:04 27 Mar 17
Dr. Evan - Compassionate, Intelligent, focused on your well being. The best I've ever been to in my life. Don't give up. Be better than you've ever been in your life.
Carol Jackson
Carol J.
02:46 02 Mar 17
What an amazing chiropractor Evan is! There's been many times where he's gone out of his way personally to help me and my family.
amyas myers
amyas M.
18:47 31 Dec 16
I was in intense pain every day before coming to Evan. It was getting in the way of work, commute, and social life. I went through his 3 month intensive, and I had not just pain relief, but all over, long-term pain relief. I can walk, run, and drive again. Life is much better after having gone to see Dr. Evan Hughes.
Millicent Rowan
Millicent R.
20:11 12 Oct 16
Fantastic chiropractic from a wonderful guy.
Frank Pulito
Frank P.
00:22 25 Apr 16


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