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Corrective Healing through Chiropratic Care

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Here, We Listen to You

Beginning with the first consultation, we take the time to hear from you about your needs. Our intention is to alleviate pain and suffering. We want you to be a more confident participant in life.            

Individual Care

This is not a one size fits all chiropractor. Start with an assessment and a digital X-ray, if necessary, to make sure you are getting help exactly where you need it. We use a combination of techniques and explain them in a way that makes sense.

Helpful Staff

At each visit, you’ll be welcomed by a friendly staff. From scheduling, to creating a warm atmosphere, to guiding you through your exercises, our staff is here to heal you today and empower you for tomorrow.


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Call us at (978) 287-9546 to schedule your comprehensive consultation with Dr. Evan and answer any initial questions you may have.


Comprehensive Consultation


Meet with Dr. Evan, followed by an examination and, if necessary, digital X-rays to determine the true cause of your problem and if we can help. Find the "WHY" behind what's impacting your life and health.


Start a Personalized Care Plan


If we know we can help you and you're ready to move forward, we'll set up a care plan that meets your needs.


Google Reviews

I am a mom of three boys. For the past 10 years, while having these children I have seen many chiropractors to help "fix" my back and body. Having kids really did a number on my back. And gaining weight and losing the weight after every child became harder. Not to mention the stress of children didn't help either! As most of us can relate to. I have felt hopeless with my body and the thought of ever feeling like my energetic self again. Dr. Evan is NOT your normal chiropractor. He doesn't just see you once off and put you back in place. Like all good things it takes time. And in this case healing. He understands the body so well! I am back to running a few 5Ks a week and almost back to dancing around with my kids again! It has been a journey! But I am so thankful I started this journey with him and I am beyond words thankful for the healing outcome that is coming from my seeing him! Thank you Dr. Evan! Thanks for caring! This is not just for me but for my family too! I am excited to be the mom I dream of being to my 3 boys!! Tiffany Henkelread more
Tiffany Henkel
Tiffany Henkel
13:31 05 Dec 18
I spent years with neck and back issues and saw many chiropractors who seemed to not be able to help until I saw Dr. Hughes. Dr. Hughes laid out a clear and concise plan and was great at explaining the process he was working with, Ive been seeing him for over 6 months now, and can truly say he is a miracle worker, not to mention his staff is super great and very friendly! I would 100% recommend to anybody.read more
Krystyna Ciaglo
Krystyna Ciaglo
23:31 29 Nov 18
I have been a patient of Dr. Evan Hughes off and on for years. I’ve seen him in Chelmsford, Concord, and now Boxborough. What has always brought me back to him, through moves, college, and living in California, is that he is the best chiropractor, the best healer, I have ever seen. I now live in Quincy, and drive an hour and a half each way to see him. He’s that good.Dr. Evan is kind, approachable, knowledgeable, and ever cheerful. His mix of traditional chiropractic, shiatsu, reiki, and neuromuscular retraining lead your body on a journey of regrowth and healing.For me personally, I started out with having migraines, triggered by long use of screens, persistent sciatica, and chronic neck pain. The x-rays, which Dr. Evan was able to take in the office, showed my neck was a level 2 degeneration, heading to level 3. Through the three month, three times a week program, I am now headache free, able to work on my computer all day, and my sciatica and neck pain is gone. Gone. My new x-rays show that my spine is regrowing my curve, and while there is still work to be done, I am impressed with his skill and professionalism that has healed my body.read more
Dove Conover
Dove Conover
22:18 21 Nov 18
I have been going to Dr Evan for over 2 months and all I can say is he is a miracle worker!! Being with back pain 24/7 for over 20 years, you just figure this is how your life is going to go. My daughter suggested him to my husband and I said let's go together! Now, I am almost with no back pain and my strength and balance is better. I have a better outlook on life now that I can stand and sit and also play with my grand-kids! I wish I found Dr Evan years ago.read more
Leslie Kenney
Leslie Kenney
20:53 11 Oct 18
I have been going to Dr Evan for over 2 months and all I can say is he is a miracle worker!! Being with back pain 24/7 for over 20 years, you just figure this is how your life is going to go. My daughter suggested him to my husband and I said let's go together! I am almost with no back pain, my strength and balance is better and I have a better outlook on life now that I can stand, sit and play with my grand-kids! I don't know people suffer for so long. I wish I found Dr Evan years ago.read more
Leslie Kenney
Leslie Kenney
20:43 10 Oct 18
I have seen other chiropractors before but Evan knows more than any of them. He understands the why of what is going on and does a great job treating it and explaining it.read more
Matthew Waugh
Matthew Waugh
18:59 06 Sep 18
Great place. I went in for back pain at work and driving and after the initial program I'm pain free. Dr. Hughes is knowledgeable and able to share so that you can understand and enthusiastic about your healing and your journey.read more
Evan Ringo
Evan Ringo
14:32 06 Sep 18
When I began seeing Dr. Hughes in June, I was having trouble with both of my knees. My right knee had given out on me completely in May and I was out of work for a week. The orthopedic surgeon I saw told me it was arthritis and there was not much I could do. I asked about PT and he thought it might help. I felt frustrated and unsatisfied with his diagnosis. A neighbor recommended Boxborough Vitality. Dr. Hughes told me a different story. Within a couple of weeks I was walking without pain. Last week I hiked for six hours. I noticed recently that I am sleeping much better and have better energy overall. I am so grateful!read more
Kristin Forrester
Kristin Forrester
22:48 05 Sep 18
I started going to Dr Evan 3-4 months ago, after dealing with back and neck pain for 10+ years. I had seen Neurosurgeons at Mass General in Boston, spine specialists in Westboro, and numerous other Chiropractors. NOTHING worked. So needless to say I was a little skeptical to try another chiropractor.However, Dr Evan isn't just another Chiropractor. I would say by all accounts is a miracle worker. My back was so crooked 50% of the time, I could barely even function in day to day life. And as a truck driver sitting down 12+ hours per day, I needed a healthy back. I could barely sleep most nights, my back would be hunched over so I could barely stand up straight, very bad neck pain, and the list goes on and on. I could no longer do my own yard work, and do a lot of things I use to enjoy. Well, that's all old news. I am at the end of my 3x a week visits for 12 straight weeks, and my back is almost back to brand new I would say. I am now doing my own yard work again, splitting firewood, digging trenches, driving much better at work, sleeping better at night, doing more things with my wife and kids, and as a bonus, my allergies which were really bad before, have almost entirely disappeared. From Dr Evan, all the way down his entire staff, I cannot say enough nice things about them. From small chats in the office waiting to be seen, to telling jokes with Dr Evan, they could not be anymore pleasant. And with my CRAZY schedule, they have always fit me in, no matter what!Skeptical? Give him a try. Let him fix your life, and make your body healthy again. I didn't think anything could save my life besides surgery. Well, thanks to Dr Evan, that drastic measure can be taken off the table!read more
Neil Whitney
Neil Whitney
00:07 26 Jul 18
I've been going to Dr Evan since April of this year. I had had a pinched nerve in my neck/back that was causing shooting pain in my shoulder and down my left hand. I had tried rest, a different chiropractor and massage - over 2-3 months. Nothing was working.Dr Evan put me on a plan where I was getting frequent treatment, and relieve came quickly (2 weeks). So quickly that I was able to re-commit to a 43mi Ultramarathon that I had been training for - which I was able to complete.At this point (2/3 of the way through the plan), the pain is gone, and I see a noticeable increase in movement. Still working on some flexibility, but so far so good.Dr Evan's office and staff has been super-flexible to accommodate my crazy travel schedule - which is critical for me. They are wicked friendly and always greet me by name.Highly recommended!read more
Michael Lepore
Michael Lepore
15:20 15 Jun 18

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