Pregnancy Care

Understanding the Pain

When you are pregnant it creates a whole new degree of physical and emotional stress on your body. Thankfully there are benefits of chiropractic care throughout pregnancy when performed by a chiropractic professional. Here at Boxborough Vitality, in Boxborough, Harvard, Acton, Bolton, Westford, MA, Dr. Evan Hughes is highly trained in working with pregnancy using chiropractic treatments. Learn more about how you can use chiropractic care to aid you during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care Q & A

by Evan Hughes, D.C.

Why is Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Important?

During pregnancy, your body is going through a number of changes. These range from enlarged veins and swollen limbs to pressure on your internal organs and spine. You are also experiencing hormonal fluctuations, as well as the emotional stress of nourishing a fetus inside of you. All of this takes quite a toil on a woman’s health. Receiving chiropractic care during pregnancy allows you to move better longer and enjoy the over experience of pregnancy.

What Types of Chiropractic Care are Useful for Pregnancy?

Chiropractic care is most commonly associated with spinal adjustment, which is highly beneficial for pregnant women. By using a gentle approach Dr. Hughes of Boxborough Vitality takes care to ensure the safety of you and your unborn child during the chiropractic practice. Other forms of holistic care including traditional Chinese medicine via shiatsu can also help to alleviate muscle pain, lower back pain, and overall stress.

Are Alternative Forms of Holistic Care Safe for Pregnant Women?

If you are dealing with subsequent health issues when pregnant, such as neck and shoulder pain or headache, holistic care offers an all-natural, drug-free, and surgery-free approach. You can relieve your pain while aiding in the natural healing process, all through the use of chiropractic services in Boxborough, MA.

Chiropractic and Pregnancy at Boxborough Vitality

Here at Boxborough Vitality we work with patients of all ages and life stages. For pregnant women, Dr. Hughes is skilled in treating the specific needs and concerns of this patient population. If you would like to improve your health and wellness during your pregnancy contact Boxborough Vitality to schedule chiropractic care.


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